Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 4 Friday, October 31, 2008

Today, a meeting was scheduled to discuss fundraising for Thien Nhan’s medical expenses. Team Thien Nhan consists of Thien Nhan, Mom Mai Anh, Dad Nghinh, Greig Craft (AIPF), Na Huong (Protec), Elke Ray (Bubbafish), and Son Michael Pham (KWB). We are working on the launch of Bubbafish toys, with part of the proceeds going to Thien Nhan’s fund. If you want to learn more about Bubbafish go to:
Newspapers today carried news and photos from the ‘Helmets for Kids’ events, including photos of Thien Nhan and Michelle Yeoh. Looks like the Thien Nhan’s fan club continues to grow.
Thien Nhan’s family decided to take the last flight of the day from Saigon. I later learned that hundreds of people were stranded at Hanoi’s Noi Bai Airport late Friday night because taxis and buses could not get out of the city due to the severe flood. Luckily, two kind-hearted foreigners offered the family seats in their private car and the family made it to their home in the middle of the night.
Happy Halloween from Viet Nam!
Photo of Team Thien Nhan (left to right): Greig, Na Huong, Elke, Mai Anh, Nghinh, Little Minh (on lap), Thien (Elke's husband), and Son Michael. Can you find Thien Nhan in the photo?

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