Monday, February 22, 2010

Hand Me Up Program - Day of Volunteer by the Alcott Elementary Student Council

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Students from Alcott Elementary Student Council joined by parents and teachers gave up a beautiful sunny Saturday morning to serve others. They sorted and packed approximately 1,500 pounds of new children clothing to be distributed to children and families served by the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle, underserved children in the Seatac and Tukwila areas, and orphanages in Viet Nam.

Read news article from the Sammamish Review:


View the short video of Kids Helping Kids:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids Without Borders Make A Difference Week, February 14-21, 2010

- We delivered 20 baby cribs to the Seattle Indian Health Board, doing our part for the Bedtime Basics for Babies Campaign. Read more:
- Hand Me Up day of volunteer in Redmond: sorting and packing day by members of the Alcott Elementary Student Council. Saturday, February 20, 2010 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Alcott Elementary. Sorted and packed new children clothings will be distributed to children and families served by the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle, and to orphanages in China and Viet Nam.
- Hand Me Up day of volunteer in Seatac-Tukwila: light construction work, and sorting donated clothes and products at the Kids Without Borders South Operation Center (opened August 2009). The Fellowship Bible Church in Seatac donates free space for our new South Operation Center serving students of the Tukwila School District.
- Project CARO (Chinese Adoptees Reaching Orphanages): CARO is a project of Kids Without Borders and will be officially launched Sunday, February 21, 2010. Tian and Lanfen, founders of Project CARO will fundraise at the Chinese New Year Celebration organized by the Families with Children From China ( To learn more about Project CARO and how you can support orphans in China, please visit .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day With Our Two Super Volunteers in the Go Vap Orphanage

January 21, 2010

Xin Chao Son Michael!
Thank you for the run down of who's who at Go Vap! I know exactly who each person you mention is and they have all been lovely to us! I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch sooner but we've been having SUCH an amazing time here, I've not been online that much!
Today marked the end of our third week at Go Vap (we're visiting the Mekong Delta with a Vietnamese friend tomorrow for the weekend), and I am already sad that next week is our final week there.
We went to Leanne's English class last Sunday, which was brilliant! I started teaching the children a song, and I'm hoping that I get back from the Delta early enough on Sunday so that I can go to another class. Mrs. Truc is so lovely! Actually, everyone at Go Vap has warmed to us, even some of the 'harder' nurses and the grumpy security guard! Show how far a big smile and a 'Xin Chao' can go ;)
Pauly gave haircuts today! It took so long to organize it because we asked last week and they said no because apparently they pay someone to come in to cut hair and they didn't want to take money away from that person. But today, Pauly saw them shaving a toddler's head in the hallway, and he stepped in and properly cutr about half a dozen toddler's hair. The nurses were so grateful! On Monday, he's going to cut hair for the older kids in the disabled ward (that't where we spend most of our time - Pauly helping the two nuns, I believe Sister Lucienne & Ms. Chi, and I flock to the most disadvantaged kids in this ward and help with feeding and 'physical therapy').
After spending the morning helping out in the disabled ward, Pauly helps to feed the toddlers then helps Ms. Chi & Sister Lucienne with the 4 years olds after their nap. I head to the hydrocephalus/sick wards for the afternoon. The most wonderful feeling in the world is making these sick children laugh - thank God I'm an actress because I've been busting out show tunes left and right, juggling rubber duckies, dancing around like a clown. They love it! I'm sure the nurses think I'm nuts, but it makes the kids laugh so much, I'd walk on my head if I had to! It warms my heart. The nurses take the more mobile children onto the play mats after their afternoon feed, so I go around to the kids that are crib-bound and hold their hand, sign them a song, shower them with kisses and just talk to them with an arm across their chest or their belly. The responses from these kids is beyond anything I ever thought possible. During this time, I also keep my eyes peeled because so many of these babies throw up and end up lying in it or with vomit all over their faces, so I run to them and clean it up, change their sheets, change their diapers and always carry a wet cloth for runny noses!
This is the most challenging and fufilling thing I've ever done in my life - and I'm not here to change the world, but the simple pleasure of making the kids comfortable, showing them love and making them giggle is just about the best reward I could ask for.
Tam Biet!
Angela (& Pauly)
Angela and Pauly are from New York. They spent four weeks of their vacation time volunteering at the Go Vap Orphanage in Saigon. You can read stories of their time in Viet Nam at .
(Thank you, Kim Browne, for sending Angela and Pauly to us)

Monday, February 1, 2010

2009 Year End Review


Dear Volunteers, Supporter, Donors, and Friends of Kids Without Borders,

Happy 2010 (and the Year of the Tiger, from the Lunar calendar). This is my ninth year-end message since the birth of Kids Without Borders in Janaury 2001. In spite of all the difficulties we all face at home, in our community, and around the world, it was another rewarding year for our organization due to the differences we made.

I found the words of an inspiring song (see below) which seems to represent the purpose of why all of us are involved with this organization. So these words are my year-end message to everyone.

You will find a summary of our 2009 activities below. I look forward to your guidance, encouragement, and support as we head into our 10th year. On behalf of the children and all the people we have served, THANK YOU for believing in us.

Yes, I believe.

Son Michael Pham
Founder and Volunteer
~ ~ ~

One day I'll hear
The laugh of children
In a world where war has been banned
One day I'll see
Men of all colours
Sharing words of love and devotion
Stand up and feel
The Holy Spirit
Find the power of your faith
Open your heart
To those who need you
In the name of love and devotion
Yes, I believe
I believe in the people
Of all nations
To join and to care
For love
I believe in a world
Where light will guide us
And giving our love
We'll make heave on earth
Yes, I believe

Andrea Bocelli - I Believe, with Katherine Jenkins
~ ~ ~

A recap of 2009
Please note: stories, photos, and videos related to the listed programs and projects are posted within this blog site.
Miracle Baby:
Thien Nhan, the Miracle Baby from Viet Nam, returned to the U.S. in September for tests by doctors in Houston. The results of complicated tests on Thien Nhan's hormone levels were not good. Thien Nhan will require lifelong hormone replacement therapy and be unable to father biological children. While we were disappointed, we remain convinced that Thien Nhan has a bright future ahead of him. He is a very courageous, smart, and determined little boy. Our next step is to find a pediatric endocrinologist, urologist, pshychiatrist, and plastic surgeon. Kids Without Borders will continue to raise funds to support future medical treatment for our 'Miracle Baby'. Donation to help Thien Nhan's medical treatment can be made online to Kids Without Borders.
Hand Me Up:
- Last summer, Kids Without Borders opened a new satellite operation center located in the Seatac/Tukwila area. Under the leadership of Katrina Dohn and her team of volunteers, KWB has distributed new clothing and new footwear to hundreds of school children in the Tukwila School District.
- We have continued our commitment to support the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle, a 'home-away-from-home' for seriously ill children and their families. Throughout the year, we distribute large quantity of new children's clothes, footwear, and products.
- We started a new partnership with the Burmese community leaders in our area and we were able to help this community including many new arriving refugees from Burma.
- Internationally in 2009, the Hand Me Up program benefited children in Cambodia, Honduras, Tanzania, and Viet Nam.
- If you wish to volunteer at our satellite operation center in Seatac/Tukwila, please contact us. You can donate new or slightly use clothes, household products, toys, children products, and school supplies, bu contacting us via email: .
Power Of One:
Saluting some of our volunteers (listed in random order)
Pam Amado-Demagajes
Ken Lin
Marian Liu
Anne McSmith
Jessica Eastman
Phuong Nguyen
Jelly Duong
Susan Vo
Leanne Tran
Amy Wong
Giang Le
Without any paid staff, 100% of our work is made possible by our volunteers.
Teach Me To Fish (TM2F):
We organized four reunion meetings in 2009 (4 in Saigon, and 3 in Hai Phong/Hanoi). In spite of the difficult ecenomic condition in Viet Nam for the last 3 years, our TM2F children managed to survive and avoid becoming victims of life outside of the orphanage. We had several weddings, now two of the orphans have had their own families. We were able to reconnect with one of the young girl who dropped out of the program two years ago. We will have four orpans turn 18 years old in 2010, and we have been preparing them for their new life outside of the orphanage starting this July. We are gracious for the continue support from the sponsors, Rotary clubs and Rotarians. It (still) costs us less than $1.00 per day to support one orphan in the TM2F program ($350 will cover one annual TM2F scholarship for an orphan). Current funding can take care of less than 10% of our kids. We need your support and you can make your donation online to KWB.
Making A Difference: listed in random order
Mary's Place
Against The Grain (ATG)
Forgotten Children's Fund
Agros International
Center for Human Services
Wheelchair Foundation
Tukwila Schools
Burmese American Refugees
Harvest Festival (by the ARAS Foundation)
Ronald McDonald House of Western Washington
Operation Nightwatch
THANK YOU: listed in random order
Kids In Distressed Situations (KIDS)
Rotary International
School To End Poverty (STEP)
Toys R Us
Pro Sports Club
Bellevue Women's Club
Miller Buckfire & Company
Medtronic Foundation
Vizapak, LLC
Executive Development Institute (EDI)
Union Bay Sportswear
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mike and Alex Shimizu
Tom and Lisa Gaughran
Lee Chee Chew
KWB Board of Directors and Global Ambassadors (all volunteers)