Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 2 Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Off to visit Go Vap Orphanage after breakfast. When I arrived, many of the kids were in school. After visiting with the kids on the main floor and interrupting the normally quiet lunch time, I went to the sick ward. Several more babies with hydrocephalus arrived since my last visit in July. The shunts delivered in November 2007 are still available to take care of the new hydrocephalus babies. One of the new babies, who arrived three weeks ago, had a large tumor on her back. The tumor grew to the size of half of her body, approximately 24 inches in diameter. The best hospital in Viet Nam, Cho Ray Hospital, rejected her since they were not capable of treating her. I met quite a few new premature babies in the new-baby ward, two were small enough that each would almost fit on one of my hands, and of course, they have all sorts of medical problems. As always, the needs at Go Vap are unending and I cannot help but feeling overwhelmed and guilty that I could not help more.
I did manage to deliver gifts to some of the kids from their friends in the U.S. The kids in the ‘Teaching English Program’ wanted to know when I would take them on the usual field trip to the city, some counted out loud the number of days left until then (next Sunday). I finally said goodbye to the kids and promised to see them again next week when I am back from Hanoi.
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