Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This presentation was put together for the Benefit Dinner of the Rotary Club of the University District of Seattle on April 26, 2009.
It was my involvement with Rotary that inspired me to start Kids Without Borders back in January 2001. Since then Rotary has been one of our biggest supporters. Rotarians from around the U.S and the world have offered their hands and hearts supporting many of our projects and programs. From building new schools, helping orphans, saving sick children, providing clean water, ... Kids Without Borders would not be able to make so many differences in the lives of so many people and children worldwide without the support of Rotary, the most respected service organization in the world.
To all of the Rotary Clubs and Rotarians: THANK YOU.
Son Michael Pham, Founder
Rotary Centennial Club President
Rotary Club of the University District of Seattle, Washington USA
** Come and visit our club. We meet on Fridays at noon at the Seattle Yacht Club - http://www.urotary.org/ **

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