Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peace Flag leaving for India

Thanks to all who participated project. Based on traditional Tibetan flags, local children have designed flags with dreams and wishes for other children in the world. In August, Beth and John Daynes, KWB board members, will be traveling to Dharamsala, India to present the flag project to the Dalai Lama as a gift of peace and goodwill.
Update: tragedy has struck one fo the areas that Beth and John are going to visit. A couple weeks ago, a flash flood struck in Leah and killed and injured many people, with many more missing. Beth and John, volunteering for KWB, have just gotten permission to work in the relief camps in the area. Their focus is on supporting the children in the camps. They will be bringing supplies donated by KWB and local groups across the Puget Sound. We thank you for your support in money donations for the Leah relief project- special thanks to Physio-Control and Microsoft employees (local ASHA for Education group) and the local friends who contributed. Thanks to you, we are going with needed supplies to a critically distressed and isolated area. Beth and John will not be in an area where communication is readily available, so look for an update from them when they return in mid-September.

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