Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday - November 2, 2009: Hai Phong:

Latest news on some of the orphans in the Teach Me To Fish program:

Some of the Teach Me To Fish (TM2F) orphans (and their children) at a reunion in Hai Phong, the usual gathering spot whenever I visit them.

- Duong (female): she continues to do excellent in school. Duong also takes English night classes and her English is better every day. She is scheduled to leave the orphanage in July 2010.

- Dien (female): she is currently working in a factory in Hai Phong. Dien completed her training in hotel service (housekeeping and room attendant) in Hanoi last year. She got very good reviews working as a trainee/intern at a five star hotel in Hanoi. Unfortunately due to the slow down in tourism, Dien was not able to land a hotel job after she completed her internship. Dien moved back to Hai Phong and found a job in a textile factory. She had some health problems and we were able to get her the needed treatment. Dien has one physical obstacle which prevents her from landing a decent job: her height. Even though she is pleasant, hard working, and willing to learn, employers consider her too short.

- Tung (male): he studies hard but is only doing average in his last year of high school. Currently, Tung studies soldering after school. He hopes to land a job in Hai Phong working in a steel factory or ship building when he leaves the orphanage in July 2010.

- Duong (male): in 11th grade. Duong lost both of his parents due to illnesses and he has lived in the orphanage since he was 10 years old. Since the music program started, Duong is seldom seen without his guitar. He just loves playing the guitar and loves the music classes. He used to be shy and quiet, now he is always beaming with a big smile and showing the self confidence and self esteem he has gained from playing music.

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